Los Angeles has more bands per capita than any other city in America. On any given night in Los Angeles, there are easily 200 musical acts taking the stage, from the flashy, iconic venues of Sunset Strip to the unmarked buildings in Silver Lake, Downtown, and Echo Park. You'll find musicians playing in coffee shops in Pasadena and in Santa Monica art galleries. Meanwhile, every major touring act makes a stop in L.A. to play historic venues like The Greek theater, The Wiltern, The Forum or the Hollywood Bowl. Some of these bands are at the top of their popularity, while others are finding that they can't sell out the large venues they once did, but there's always another band ready to take their place,waiting off stage, with that new song that just might turn out to be the next mega hit. There are no guarantees that any band will have what it takes to gain and hold the attention of Los Angeles' notoriously critical and fickle audiences, but you can't step onto that stage unless you're willing to fall down the stairs leading up to it. Falling Flat is about one of those bands trying to make it big; one of those small music venues trying to stay open, and the entire community of musicians, singers, artists, bloggers, booking agents, promoters, club owners, producers, managers, photographers, and fans in the, L.A. music scene. The personalities are eccentric, the pay is awful and the only thing that is guaranteed to stick with any musician until the end of time are the hundreds of unsold copies of their previous band's debut album.